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/ CE Declaration

CE Declaration

The exporter of products from Russia to the EU in some cases it is necessary to pass the verification procedure and obtain a declaration of conformity. Without this document products will not be able to pass through customs.

The requirement to make out a declaration applies to all manufacturers who produce their products in a country outside of the European Union. In this case, subject to mandatory declaration of about 20 product groups.

Groups of goods subject to compulsory declaration that come more frequently than others in the EU:

  • overall technical devices;
  • medical devices, objects, tools, etc.;
  • toys;
  • food and such products, which is in contact with food.

Draw up a declaration of CE in Russia, by certification bodies that have passed the appropriate accreditation.

Developed three types of declarations:

  • stating compliance solid product with European quality standards;
  • stating compliance of the products to be supplied separately. To check the conformity of the product after assembly inspection body are going to return all of its components;
  • confirming the conformity of the products to be evaluated according to the directive of the European Union “of machines, machinery».

The procedure for obtaining the CE Declaration

The procedure of declaration of conformity to the requirements of legislative acts of the European Union does not differ from the standard procedure of certification or declaration of compliance with state standards or TR, which is held in Russia.

The manufacturer or distributor, plans to export products to the EU, it is necessary to apply to a certification authority with the appropriate application, file according to an established list of documents to hand over samples of products for identification and testing.

After you have carried out the test, drawn up, the Commission for Certification Centre is considering the submitted documents, make a decision on approval of products to the European market and the design of the declaration.

After the decision to grant the declaration document style: make details of the applicant, the full name of the product, provide a link to the normative act, according to which the conformity of the products tested, etc. Declaration is assigned a unique number, then the document is registered in the Unified Register.

Along with the Declaration of the applicant is allowed to label products with a mark of one of the EU.

Described above is the standard procedure for the passage of the declaration of its products for export to the EU. Producers of certain products are not allowed to carry out tests, which significantly reduces the time required to prepare for export.

list of documents required for registration of the declaration of CE

In addition to the application for the declaration and test manufacturer / distributor of supplies:

  • copies of registration documents confirming the legality of the enterprise. This is a copy of the certificate of classification code BIN, a certificate from the tax authorities of the applicant’s registration, INN assignment;
  • technical documentation, which contains a detailed description of the product, manufacturing processes;
  • copy of the contract for the supply of a resident of the EU, and a copy of the invoice;
  • certificates or declarations of conformity for products if they have been previously furnished;
  • sanitary-epidemiological conclusions – served if necessary.

If desired, the producer / distributor, the products of which are not subject to compulsory declaration, may issue a declaration voluntarily. In most cases, this is done to attract consumers to their products, create a positive reputation in the European market.

In addition, given the fact that the European quality standards and are appreciated in other countries, the experience, the products, which took place in the declaration of the EU legislation easier to pass to the markets of Australia, Japan, USA, Canada.

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