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/ Certificate of Conformity TR

Certificate of compliance with the Technical Regulations

TR or Technical Regulations manifest the requirements to the goods, services, buildings and facilities, production methods and other objects of technical regulations.  Regulations are considered to be more up-to-date and relevant than National State Standards, therefore they will gradually replace them altogether.
Certification of compliance of goods, production methods and other processes with the technical regulations may be either mandatory or voluntary.
The items that are subject to Technical Regulations and mandatory certification are listed in the Technical Regulations.  Successful verification of compliance of products and services to the requirements listed in the Technical Regulations results in receiving the certificates or declarations of compliance.

How to obtain the certificate of compliance with the Technical Regulations?  Procedure.

First an application form for certification should be filled in and handed over to the experts of the certification authority for examination.  Then, if the application is approved, a contract for certification services is signed, the applicant provides the necessary documents and samples of goods for testing.
The certification procedures are described in more detail in the technical regulations.  In fact for each type of goods various certification/ declaration schemes are applicable.  The choice is made by the certification authority, but only with approval of the applicant.
When the goods are tested for compliance with the Technical Regulations, they are labeled with a conformity mark.

Documents required for certification

Both Russian and foreign producers/ suppliers can apply for a certificate of compliance with the Technical Regulations.
The foreign producers/ suppliers that plan to import their goods in Russia or the Customs Union should provide the following documents:

  • technical description of the goods;
  • certificates of quality;
  • contract, invoice for the goods, if the goods to be certified are not serial production goods but a limited batch of serial production or if the applicant is not a producer but a distributor;
  • power of attorney for a representative, if a producer or a supplier delegates certification to its representative.

The Russian applicants, who wish to receive the certificate of compliance with the Technical Regulations, should provide the following documents:

  • copies of registration documents – licenses, Primary State Registration Number Certificate, Taxpayer Identification Number Certificate, Russian Classification of Products Certificate, Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature Certificate;
  • specifications;
  • documents describing the goods/ services;
  • copy of the ISO certificate of quality, if available;
  •  copy of the invoice, contract for the goods – according to the information above;
  •  power of attorney for a representative.

Validity of the certificate of compliance with the Technical Regulations does not exceed 5 years.

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