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/ Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin

certificate of origin issued in Russia, called the document proving that the products manufactured in the Russian Federation. This product is recognized that, in the production of which was used about 50% of the domestic production of raw materials.

Production history is interesting, first of all, the customs authorities issuing the permit to export products. Certificate of origin may be called permissive document, as without the products can not be exported. Another equally important purpose of the document – under certain conditions, it gives the right to use the benefits in payment of customs duties and taxes.

The organization responsible for conducting the examination of the origin of products and issue a certificate – it’s Chamber of Commerce of Russia, its territorial offices.

Normative documents regulating the activities of the CCI of Russia – that is the Law “On the Chambers of Commerce of the Russian Federation” was adopted 07/07/93

What could be the certificate of origin?

Depending on the country you plan to import products from Russia, issued a separate certificate of origin:

  • to supply products to the CIS countries require a certificate of CT-1;
  • to supply products to the Czech Republic, Canada, the European Union, the United States and other countries, which are the same customs preferences, issued a certificate of CT-A;
  • to supply products to other countries issued a certificate ST overall shape.

    Also issued certificates of origin for steel products, textiles, furs and fur, fur.

    Retrieve the certificate of origin

    Manufacturers or suppliers of products, plans to export, you need to apply in advance and the necessary documents to the nearest branch of the Chamber of Commerce.

    CCI experts conduct an examination of the documents submitted, the results of which form the Act. After that, if the test was successful, and issued a certificate of origin.

    The applicant needs to take into account that the certificate is issued for each individual shipment. If the company is constantly exporting its products, its manager can contact the Chamber of Commerce for the annual examination of the Act, according to which during the year for each separate delivery of certificates of origin are issued.

    List of documents

    In the application for the examination of origin submitted:

    • copies of documents confirming registration of the company and giving it BIN code, registration with the tax office and misappropriation of VAT;
    • copy of the certificate of authority of statistics, which shows the code of the company;
    • regulations: state standards, technical regulations, specifications, according to the requirements of the production of its products;
    • internal technical product documents: designs, drawings, data sheets, descriptions, manuals, etc.;
    • description of the process of production. As such a document could be provided a certified signature of the applicant enterprise excerpt from TR;
    • copies of the documents, which confirm the origin of products: invoices, contracts for the supply of raw materials used for production;
    • an informative character, in which the manufacturer gives the calculation of the percentage of raw material of Russian origin in the final product;
    • copy of the contract between the exporter and the buyer of products;
    • copy of the invoice (invoice), invoice, product specifications;
    • copy of the commission – in that case, if the export intermediary holding company;
    • letter from the applicant, which contains a description of the route of movement of products.

      This takes into account that the country and the city of destination must match those specified in the contract for the supply. The letter also indicates the type of vehicle, type of packaging products, gross and net each item.

      Copies of the documents must be sealed of the director of the applicant.

      A certificate on prescribed form. Its design takes about two days, which should take into account the manufacturer, in preparation for export.

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