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Service compliance certificate

Non-residents of the Russian Federation that open their representative offices in this country or in other countries of the Customs Union work in compliance with the laws of Russia and the Customs Union.  The Customs Union prescribes only voluntary certification of services, however various regulations manifest rigid requirements to the companies that provide services.

Services offered in the Russian Federation similar to the goods sold in the Russian Federation must be safe for the health of the Russian citizens and for the environment, they must ensure integrity of public and private property.  For these purposes the National Standards and technical regulations set the requirements to the services rendered.

To draw the attention of potential customers the companies that offer services prefer to receive service compliance certificates, even though this type of certification is voluntary.  Open business and successful certification of the company not only allow to increase sales, but also help to attract investors and to pass the control procedures organized by state authorities. 

Certification procedures

Non-residents apply to the accredited certification authorities for service compliance certificates.  6 service certification schemes are generally accepted in the Russian Federation.

Scheme No.1 is used to control qualification of the employees of a company, who provide services.

Scheme No. 2 is used to check several criteria that ensure high quality of services – the process of rendering of services, qualification of the staff, in-house regulatory documents, equipment, appliances, software.

Scheme No.3 is used to control production services.

Scheme No.4 was developed for large-scale enterprises.  In the process of certification the experts evaluate the process of rendering of services, check, whether the enterprise is classified right (class, type, category of the enterprise, etc.)

Scheme No. 5 is used to control compliance of services that can serve a threat to health or life of a person.  Medical services or transportation services can serve an example.  The scheme No.5 controls, whether the company has a Quality Management System certified according to the ISO 9000 standards.

When schemes No.6 (control of smaller enterprises with good reputation) and No.7 (control of a Quality Management System of a larger enterprise) are applied, no certificate is issued.

The list of documents for voluntary service certification

The company should provide the following documents:

  •  application form;
  •  registration documents;
  • staff qualification.  The list of employees should show information regarding education and qualifications of staff;
  • in-house technical and regulatory documents that describe the process of rendering of services;
  • nationally approved regulatory documents that serve to organize the business activity of the company.

In addition to the documents mentioned above, the following documents may be necessary for the service compliance certification:  health records of employees, documents concerning sanitary safety of premises, metrological testing of equipment, transport safety, qualifications of staff and other documents.

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