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/ Certificate of state vehicle registration

Certificate of state vehicle registration

Until 01.07.2010, the Russian Federation, there were only a certificate of state registration of the Russian Federation – a document which is issued after the registration of products presenting a particular risk to the health and life of humans and animals. As an example of such products: cosmetics, medical devices, food products, medicines for veterinary medicine and household chemicals.
In 2010, after the enactment of legislation of the Customs Union of the certificate of state registration of the Russian Federation partly replaced the state registration certificate of the vehicle, operating on the territory of three countries-members of the Union.

In some cases, draw up the PDS TC

In order to determine the necessity of passing the state registration of the producer should be familiar with the CU Commission Decision, adopted May 28, 2010 under the number 299. The document, in its second section is a list of products, when introduced into the circulation of which is required to issue a certificate of state registration.

In this list of devices and equipment which is used for medical purposes, medicines for humans and animals. For these groups of goods manufacturers and suppliers provide a certificate of state registration of the Russian Federation.

Register under the provisions of the legislation of the Customs Union to such products:

  • dietary supplements, foods for children, products for sports nutrition, nutrition for pregnant women, lactating women, for medical and other specialized food;
  • food additives, flavorings, enzymes;
  • food produced using genetic engineering;
  • products, which is in contact with food. This group does not include food packaging. Since 2012, according to the technical regulations of the CU 005/2011 all packaging products is in the process of declaring, in order to verify its compliance with the established TR sanitary and hygiene requirements;
  • household chemicals;
  • cosmetics;
  • means of pest control, disinfection;
  • personal hygiene adults, children;
  • means for oral hygiene;
  • products for children up to 3 years;
  • children’s clothing of the first layer;
  • materials, devices and equipment used in commercial and drinking water supply;
  • substances of chemical or biological origin that are potentially hazardous to the environment, human health. Medications are not included in this group.
  • The detailed list of products for children and adolescents to be state registration, can be found in TR TC 007/2011.
  • list of cosmetic and perfume products, are subject to state registration is contained in TR TC 009/2011.

Order of registration of the certificate of state registration of TC

Draw up documents in local bodies of Epidemiology or the central office.
The registration procedure begins after the manufacturer or supplier of the above product applications.
Attached to the application registration, technical documents, product samples shall be – it is necessary to carry out tests in which products are identified according to the regulations in force in the vehicle, classified, tested compliance.
Organize production test can only lab that have issued Rospotrebnadzorom permission for such works. According to the results of laboratory tests of samples of experts draw up the protocol – one for each type of product. Protocols submitted to the certification body, followed by a review of an application for registration of products.
The main thing is what the experts have to make the certification body – is that the company is working on a legal basis, and that the products in its composition and other characteristics correspond to a single health requirements mandatory for the whole territory of the Customs Union.
Once the certification body specialists will review the documents and take a positive decision to carry out registration of products drawn up and issued the certificate.
A document no expiration date – it remains in effect until the registration has passed will be produced products. To prevent abuse from manufacturers and suppliers of the legislation provided for carrying out vehicle inspection control of those registering.

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