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/ Certification in the example

Certification in the example

The Swedish manufacturer refers to the certification center “ROSTEST” to obtain certificates for their products.

Products: Industrial valves made of cast iron.

Objective: To obtain certificates to provide the Russian company, the buyer.

July 20 Swedish manufacturer has sent a request to the issuing of certificates (e-mail receipt of applications –

Having examined the range of products, a brief technical information on the manufacturer’s catalog, a specialist center “ROSTEST” asked some probing questions: customs product code (HS code), name brand, having international certificates. Based on this information, make a proposal with a detailed description of the certification process, a list of required documents, cost and timing of works.

During 2 days manufacturer has decided to start work. Billed invoice for advance payment, received all the necessary documents, agreed upon an application for certification. After receiving payment, certification center begins to work.

The work includes the following procedures:

  • Technical expertise of the manufacturer’s documentation (data sheets, technical sheets, manuals, drawings and diagrams of products and other instruments manufacturer);
  • Evaluation of international and/or national certifications (ISO, CE, TUV) and test reports;
  • Getting the Russian test report of GOST conformance in accredited laboratory;
  • Issuing the Certificate of Conformity.

Within 2 working days sent a layout (the project) the certificate for verification of all data by the applicant. After agreeing on the layout certificate for 1 day passes procedure of printing and registration certificate.

27 July the certificate is ready, we send a scanned copy by e-mail, and on the same day send originals of certificates by courier (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.).

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