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/ Conformity Certificate GOST R

Conformity Certificate GOST R

Certificate of Conformity GOST R (it is often called ROSTEST Certificate or Quality Certificate, Safety Certificate, Customs Certificate) – is a document, confirming that the product answers the requirements of quality and safety, which were adjusted for a certain kind of product by valid standards and norms (national standard (GOST, GOST R, GOST R MEK, GOST R ISO and others)).

Earlier you only needed to have the certification for the national standards (GOST). Today you also need to have a certification of the Technical Regulations as well.

  1. GOST Certificate of Conformity
  2. Certificate of Technical Regulations (recently added).

Some of the Technical Regulation, adopted in Russia:

  • “Technical regulations on emission requirements for motor vehicles manufactured in the circulation in the territory of the Russian Federation, harmful (polluting) substances “(such as certificates EURO-4 per car);
  • “Technical regulations for juice products from fruits and vegetables” (such as a certificate for fruits purification);
  • “Technical regulations for fire safety requirements” (for example, a certificate for fire retardant paint, clothing etc.);
  • “Technical regulations for oil and fat products” (eg, a certificate for Olive Oil);
  • “Technical regulations for milk and milk products” (eg, a certificate for ice cream);
  • “Technical Regulations on Safety of machinery and equipment” (eg, a certificate for Food Equipment);
  • “Technical Regulations on Safety of wheeled vehicles” (such as a certificate for Automotive);
  • “Technical regulation on lifts safety” (such as a certificate for passenger lifts).

According to the norms may be emphasized several schemes of certification, the most widely used of which are the following:

  • Procedure “Mass Production” or “manufacturer”. The duration of the Certificate of GOST can be from 1 to 3 years, the Certificate of Conformity to the Technical Regulations – from 1 to 5 years. The manufacturer gets this certificate once, and during the term of the certificate can provide a copy to any Russian customer/ buyer for any kind of consignment. The number of shipments to Russia is not limited.
  • Procedure “to single samples of production or to small lines” – is designed for a single batch of a certain size. This procedure is convenient in the case of a (single) supply. Certificate is issued for a certain Russian recipient, with an indication of the contract, invoice and consignment size. Certificate “to the party” has indefinite duration, as you can use it only for one certain shipment, and for another one it is no longer valid. Usually, the certificate is worth less than a procedure “to mass production, but has some limitations.

The way of getting a Certificate GOST R is the following: production (some items or technical document) must pass certificate examination in accredited laboratory. Russian standards of conformity can be confirmed without product samples only on the basis of specific documents. If a foreign manufacturer already has some of his certificates of quality, they can check their conformity to Russian norms and regulations.

According to the results of tests they compose protocol, which is a ground for giving a conformance certificate GOST R.

To obtain the Conformity Certificate GOST R as well as information about the time of processing, costs and list of documents which are needed to obtain these certificates, you must provide information about your product.

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