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/ Declaration of Conformity TR CU

Declaration of Conformity TR CU

Legislation of the Customs Union provides two forms of verification of objects to the requirements of technical regulations TP – this certification and declaration.

  According to the results of the declaration of conformity is issued declaring the technical regulations. The value of the declaration is the same as that of the certificate – it confirms the compliance of the object of technical regulation requirements of technical regulations.

The procedures for obtaining certificates and declarations are not significantly different from each other.

An important nuance for registration of the declaration, if the product or other object of technical regulation in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations shall be subject to compulsory certification, the declaration can not replace the certificate. But if TP is an indication to the passage of the declaration, the manufacturer / supplier, if desired, may issue a certificate.

Declaration of conformity is valid TR CU not only in Russia but also in the two other participating countries TS – Kazakhstan, Belarus.

order of registration of the Declaration TR CU

Declaration of Conformity regulations of the Customs Union is issued only to residents of the participating countries CU.

For the declaration to the manufacturer / supplier of products should apply to a certification authority, and apply the necessary documents: registration, technical and evidence-based.

More details about the documents speakers evidentiary materials. Legislation of the Customs Union provided an opportunity to present their own and received a third-party proof of compliance.

Own evidence, the test may make products that were carried out by the applicant in its laboratories, as well as certificates of quality management system, quality certificates and other documents certifying the product conformity with requirements of standards.

Practice shows that in most cases a declaration of conformity vehicle based on its own evidence permitted to be executed on a unit of production or a production batch. Evidence of compliance, collected with the assistance of a third party are most often test reports, which were carried out in accredited testing laboratories. In addition to accreditation for testing as part of the certification of conformity TR CU value is the integration of the laboratory in the Single Register of the Customs Union.  

The other documents filed with the certification authority for the declaration of conformity TC:

  • copy multiple sheets of the Charter;
  • copy of the certificate of code BIN, testifying about the state registration of enterprises;
  • copy of the certificate of VAT, indicating that the applicant is registered with the tax office;
  • copy of the certificate of authority of statistics, which shows the code of the enterprise of the applicant;
  • copies of documents confirming that the production facilities are owned by the applicant;
  • information letter, specifying the details of the applicant;
  • internal technical product documentation, which is her full name and description, a description of the production processes;
  • copies of certificates, declarations that were issued earlier;
  • copy of the contract delivery, the invoice for the products – they serve mostly those who are going to be certified as a distributor, not a manufacturer, or in the case where the certification supplied one party or one unit of output.

Here are the basic documents, without which it is impossible to obtain a declaration. More accurate list of them contained in the technical regulations.

  In contrast to the certificate of declaration is made out by the applicant directly after it will be considered filed documents, evidence of compliance and a positive decision on the issuance of the declaration. After registration of the applicant shall submit a document for registration to the certification body.

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