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/ Do I need to provide samples

Do I need to provide samples of products in and out of production?

To obtain a Certificate of Compliance in the Russian GOST R system to provide product samples and conduct the actual tests are often not required. Typically, the safety assessment of products is carried out based on the analysis of technical documentation Manufacturer: Datasheet/technical sheets for products, manuals, drawings and diagrams, formulas, technical instructions, information about the used raw materials and other technical information important.

If the information provided in sufficient amounts, the product sample is not required. Test report on compliance with Russian standards issued based on an assessment of these documents. Based on the test report issued Certificate of Conformity GOST.

Often, many European manufacturers have international certificates for products or quality management system (ISO, CE, TUV, etc.). With their presence provides a comparison of the requirements of international standards with those of Russia, and in this case, the provision of sample products may also be required.

In general, there is loyalty and trust of the Russian experts and laboratories in relation to EU producers and their products. This fact simplifies the process of obtaining Russian certificates for foreign manufacturers. Date of receipt of the certificate of GOST can be from 2 days for a fixed version, the average duration of the registration certificate for 3-7 days.

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