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certification for the cement

Gunduz Yücebaşoğlu (Стамбул, 12 may 2017)

Rostest certification needed for the cement to be exported from Turkey to Russia

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Certificate for railway products

Daniel Rush (Other region, 7 april 2017)

We are proposing a railway product for Kazakhstan where it requires GOST certification. Our product has been tested and meetings most EN Specifications, but am trying to understand GOST incremental requirements from EN/IEC to assess if I have to redesign anything or just run additional testing

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certification of jackets

Rajiv Narang (Other region, 17 march 2017)

We are the manufacturers of Leather Jackets. We want to export Leahter jackets and leather items to Russia, could you please suggest which certificate do we need to sell our products in Russian market

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Certification for cell phones

Динь Куанг (Orel region, 11 december 2016)

Can you guys tell me how i can get certification for the samsung galaxy tab a6 2016 10.1 with s-pen?
In Russia samsung only sells tab version without s-pen and i have ordered one with s-pen from korea, which is required a license to enter Russia. Do you have the license for the NO S-pen version and can it be used for the version, which HAS S-pen?
If not, can you calculate for me how much the certification for the samsung galaxy tab a6 2016 10.1 with s-pen cost?
Thank you for reading this letter.
I'm looking forward to hear from you.
Best regard

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Su Shim (Seoul, 3 december 2016)

Hello Sir or Madam

We are the cosmetic certification agecy for E.U located in Seoul, Korea. And hope to expand our business to Russia.
Nowdays our clients that have buyers in Russia request CU.
Could you send us information for acquire the hygiene certificate. Such as Procedure, documents, price and conditions.
It will be perfect to get them in this weekend. Some clients are waiting for it.

If you offer best quatation we can make a deal for partnership.

We hope to cooperate with Rotest!

Best Regards,

House Boutique
Executive Director
Su Shim

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Certification dishes

Ann Arienda (Metro Manila, 14 november 2016)

Dear Ma'am/Sir,

Good morning! I hope everything is well. I would like to ask if Russia have specific regulation on the labelling of materials and articles in contact with food, for example, spoon and fork. In case, there is no specific regulation, can I use the labeling requirements indicated in Law of the Russian Federation on Protection of Consumers' Rights?

I appreciate all the information you could give me regarding this matter. Thank you very much and looking forward for a positive response on my inquiry.

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Certificates for radio units

Verner Ljung (Vastra Gotaland, 31 october 2016)

I'm interested in knowing what the process would look like, in order to get certificates for products containing radio technology (2.4GHz band), aimed for the commercial/industrial markets, in regards of time, cost, requirements, etc.

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Certificate for battery

YUKI LO (Other region, 31 october 2016)

What kind of certificates are needed for Li-ion battery and power bank?

Could you issue EAC certificate/declaration for battery?

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Placing warnings on the packaging and in the operating instructions

Analyn Arienda (Other region, 6 june 2016)

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

Good day! I would like to ask if there is a suffocation warning required for electrical products to be placed in flexible polyethylene bags.

I appreciate all the information you could give me regarding this matter. Thank you very much and looking forward for a positive response to my inquiry.

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Certificate on hair,pomade

TERENCE THILAK (Other region, 16 may 2016)

Greetings, i plan to export our hair pomade to Russia. It is water-based and we have all the relevant certificates for our factory. Do we need any certificates in Russia for customs clearance? Appreciate your prompt assistance on this matter. Thank you.

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Our represenatative in Iran

reza ghasemi (Esfahan, 4 april 2016)

Do you know the shayegan group in Iran. This group is qualified to provide services on your behalf?

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Liza Stickley (England - West Midlands, 31 march 2016)

2nd request - emailed this morning. we are looking at shipping to one of our customers in moscow to undertake a paid engagement and return the laptop to the UK. Please an you advise what documentation we may need.

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Shipping a laptop.

Liza Stickley (England - West Midlands, 31 march 2016)

we are looking at shipping a laptop from the UK to a customer in Moscow to carry out a paid engagement and then have the laptop returned to the UK. could you advise as to what documents we require.

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Certification company in Iran

reza ghasemi (Esfahan, 15 march 2016)

Do you have a representation in Iran.
Please company name and company contact information through which it is possible to get your license you to confirm.
thank u

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Certification for footwear

Lone Nielsen (Sonderjylland, 14 march 2016)

Normal causal shoes (not protective footwear) for adults and children what certificates are necessary for import to Russia? And what is the requirements the shoes have to fulfill in order to achieve the certificates?

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пистолеты для пены

Weronika (Gdansk, 11 january 2016)


В рамках вступительной консультации, скажите, пожалуйста, есть ли необходима цертификация для продуктов: пистолеты для пены и пистолеты для герметиков (силикона).
Наша продукция предоставляется на стороне
Какие документы требуются для процедуры?

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EMC certificates

Dany Cheij (Other region, 16 december 2015)

I am seeking your assistance in providing us with a proposal to help us obtain the right declarations or certifications in accordance with the Russian/EAEU CU-TRs for Electromagnetic Compatibility and Safety of Low-Voltage equipment. We would like to have an engagement where we introduce you to our products and our company, explain how the products are imported and used, and work with you to understand all the technical requirements for placing the products on the market in Russia and the associated costs, timelines, etc.

If you are willing to engage with us and provide a proposal, our legal department in Hungary has requested that we setup a Non-Disclosure Agreement with your agency so that if your proposal is accepted we can freely share with you the details of our company and our products.

Please let me know what we need in order to proceed with this request. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Dany Cheij
National Instruments

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Сертификация косметической продукции

Алексей (Volgograd region, 31 october 2015)


Я планирую импортировать косметическую продукцию в Россию из Канады, США и некоторых стран ЕС.

Учитывая специфику моего бизнеса, есть вероятность, что мне придется каждый месяц обновлять список ввозимых товаров и их производителей.

Какие типы документов, сертификатов мне могут понадобиться?

С уважением,

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Certification shoes

Zoe Feng (Shanghai, 19 october 2015)

Shoes are under TP TC 017/2012. DoC is required for shoes and test must be done in CU lab (correct me if I am not right). We want to know how to proceed if each year it will have different styles of shoes exported to CU? Can we proceed series verification without testing to each style? If yes, can you please share me the testing cost and sampling requirements? Thanks

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Certification protein powder and health drink

Luke Howard (Auckland, 12 august 2015)

I am looking at exporting two products to Russia 1) protein powder 2) a natural health drink with all natural ingredients .

Will I require certification?



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