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/ Environmental certificate

Environmental certificate

Recently a vast majority of companies undergo certification and strive to receive environmental certificates, even though this type of control is compulsory only for certain goods in the Russian Federation.

Nominally the following items are subject to environmental certification – natural resources, industrial facilities, processes and their results, environmental protection technologies, goods and services, environmental information resources.  All of these are subject to the international ISO 14000 standards. Based on these standards similar adjusted ISO standards were developed and introduced in the Russian Federation in 1996.

Environmental certificate is a document confirming that the company successfully practices the ecomanagement system in its production processes and works with low environmental risks.

Frequently this certification is necessary for the enterprises that plan to sign contracts with foreign customers, search for investors, overtake government contractual work.  This certificate proves that the company has transparent business and is ready to follow the leading standards approved worldwide. 

Compulsory environmental certification

The enterprises are obliged to receive the environmental certificate for the following items:

  • environment protection management system;
  • harmful technologies used in defense industry;
  • waste products resulting from production and consumption;
  • environmentally harmful products. E.g. products that contain ozone depleting substances;
  • wild animals and plants on the verge of extinction originating from deep sea (subject to the correspondent Convention).

How to receive the environmental certificate?  Procedure.

The control procedure begins with handing in the application form listing the basic information about the company.  Then a list of items that prove compliance of the ecomanagement system with the ISO standards is prepared, the experts visit production premises (or the servicing company) to view and evaluate the object to be certified.

To undergo this control procedures the company should provide the following documents:

  • registration documents and charter;
  • regulating documents, specifications;
  •  description of policy of the company in the field of environmental safety;
  •  description of the ecomanagement system;
  •  documents that set the sequence of various processes that ensure functioning of the ecomanagement system;
  • a list of employees in charge of functioning of the ecomanagement system, their positions and qualifications.

Validity of the environmental certificate does not exceed five years.  The company should be ready for repeated control procedures at least once a year within this period of time.

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