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/ Expert opinion Epidemiology

Expert opinion Epidemiology
To verify compliance with the health requirements of products which do not pass a mandatory state registration under Section 2 of the Decision number CTS number 299 of 28/05/10, p July 2010 were issued expert opinions Epidemiology. These instruments have replaced the sanitary expert opinions.

The main product groups, which you can get an expert opinion:

  • clothing, footwear and other consumer goods;
  • foods;
  • appliances;
  • utensils;
  • furniture;
  • construction materials used for the construction and decoration of residential buildings and public buildings;
  • equipment for cooling and heating of air, water;
  • equipment used in the food industry;
  • reagents and equipment for the preparation of water for household purposes, except for drinking. Decontamination and disinfection facilities are not included in this group;
  • other products that pose a potential danger to health, life, man.

    A detailed list of products for which it is possible to issue an expert opinion is contained in the Decision of the CCC number 299 of 28/05/10, in section number 1.

    Draw up the conclusion solely on the Russian manufacturer or supplier, which is a feature of the document. If the goods are of foreign origin, its manufacturer may issue a report with the help of his representative in Russia.

    procedure for obtaining an expert opinion
    Manufacturers are turning to the local office of Epidemiology at the place of registration, submit an application, hand over the product samples for testing and the necessary documents.

    List of main documents:

    • copies of several pages of the Charter;
    • copy of the certificate of authority of statistics, which shows the codes and the codes of the company OCP and HS products;
    • copies of the assignment code BIN, a certificate from the tax authorities INN assignment;
    • copies of the documents on the premises at which the company is registered. This may be a copy of the contract of purchase or lease of buildings / structures;
    • producer’s official statement about its health safety;
    • act of sampling products;
    • protocol testing products;
    • copy of the certificate of origin – is applied to imported products;
    • description of the product;
    • label layout.

      The application for an expert opinion must specify the details of the manufacturer, the product name.

      Validity of conclusions are not set, but the product that passes the compliance with sanitary regulations in the future is subject to inspection control.

      Document has legal effect throughout the territory of the Customs Union.

      What to do with the “old” conclusions SEZ?
      Validity of conclusions SEZ issued earlier (documents issued for 5 years) was initially limited to 01.01.2012, but was later allowed to take note of the conclusion of the old model health as long as it takes effect the appropriate TP for products, unless otherwise required by applicable regulations or decisions of the CCC.

      Operates the “old” sanitary conclusion only on the territory of the State where it has been issued.

      What is compliance letter from Rospotrebnadzora?
      Since July 2010, simultaneously with the abolition of sanitary conclusions old model and the introduction of the expert opinion Epidemiology, Federal Service began to issue letters of compliance, or the so-called explanatory letters. Appointment letters – they confirm the compliance of the products or sanitary requirements Mandatory / optional for state registration.

      For the letter to the manufacturer or supplier should contact the local office of Epidemiology, submit the necessary documents to hand over samples of their products for testing.

      Often an Rospotrebnadzora required if the manufacturer is going to bid on the development of the order, if there is a controversial situation where the characteristics of the product does not allow us to classify it – attributed to any of the groups of products referred to in section 2 of the Decision number 299 of the CCC number 28.05.10 city and to determine the need for registration.

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