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/ Fire declaration

Fire declaration

Declaration of conformity of fire safety is regulated by the Federal Act, which approved TP “On Fire Safety”, which came into force in 2009.

According to the technical rules of fire safety declaration form is called the assessment of conformity. The document contains information about the measures taken aimed at creating the conditions at the facility, meet the requirements of fire safety.

In addition to the above Law, the legal basis for technical regulations fire safety are the federal laws “On Fire”, “On technical regulation”, the international treaties.

Procedure of conformity assessment

procedure of conformity assessment of products and other objects of the rules of fire safety protection filed in section VII of the Technical Regulations.

It takes a conformity assessment in several stages:

  • accredits object;
  • conducted audit of fire safety;
  • conducted declaring security;
  • conducted tests of objects of technical regulation;
  • carried out conformity assessment of objects of technical regulation;
  • object of protection is taken and put into operation;
  • conducted production control expertise.

be declared all objects that are potentially hazardous, and which are listed in the above technical regulation, Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation. In this case, it should be noted that the declaration of conduct at the stage of design, installation or construction of the facility, that is, before the introduction of the object in its operation.

Declaring held with the participation of the expert body for 5-10 days, but is a declaration of fire safety designer or developer yourself.

To declare use multiple schemes. For a product that has been released, use the circuit 1d, 2d, 3d.

By using circuit 1e applicant submits proof of their own compliance.

2d supply scheme provided by the applicant’s own evidence of compliance and testing products.

3d scheme involves presenting their own evidence, testing and certification facilities technical regulation working in the company quality system.

To carry out the declaration of a batch scheme is used 6d – the applicant shall submit proof of their own, gives the product samples for testing.

Schemes 1e, 5e is not used to assess compliance with fire safety materials, fire extinguishing, fire-retardant materials, and materials for building structures w / railway and subway.

Schemes 2d, 3d can be used to select the applicant who submitted to the checking items such technical regulation:

  • fire tools;
  • finishing materials, other than those used for decoration ways that apply to evacuate people;
  • gas compositions are used to extinguish the fire than carbon dioxide, argon, nitrogen (if these gases contain more than 95% of the main substance);
  • equipment used to extinguish fires, except foam mixers, fire barrels, foam generators;
  • primary means for extinguishing fires, except for fire extinguishers;
  • protective clothing;
  • channels of engineering systems for smoke protection;
  • Leather, textile materials used for sewing bed linen, curtains, covers for upholstered furniture, curtains.

Scheme 3d used to verify that the mobile means used to extinguish the fire.

Information contained in the Declaration of fire

When making the declaration of the applicant other than specified:

  • name of the object of technical regulation;
  • fire safety requirements which the product conforms;
  • link to the regulations, which set out the fire safety requirements regarding the specific object of technical regulation;
  • responsibility of the applicant in that case, if there is damage and cause a fire – specifies the amount of compensation in monetary terms.
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