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/ Fire Safety Certificate

Fire Safety Certificate

to confirm the conformity of production and production requirements for fire safety certification is carried out, which may be mandatory or voluntary. The list of products for which certification is mandatory fire is contained in the Federal Law number 123, adopted on 22 July 2008. If necessary, the manufacturer can be tested compliance with fire safety voluntarily – to attract the attention of consumers and investors in their products, to participate in tenders for public contracts.

Procedure fire certification

fire certification mandatory step is to conduct product testing.

  In some cases, if required by the certification scheme, further analyzes of the company. The analysis is optional, if the manufacturer / supplier said the certification of one party or the unit price or, if earlier, he has been certified to the ISO 9001 and can provide an inspection certificate.

  The rest of the procedure verify compliance with fire safety standard and looks like:

  • in the certification bodies is sought;
  • application is reviewed, with a positive response, the manufacturer / supplier to submit the necessary documents;
  • samples are taken for testing, prepared pursuant to the Act;
  • being tested products. According to the test results shall be recorded;
  • checked the documents submitted by the applicant, we study the test report;
  • on the basis of the data to decide on the issuance of a certificate of fire safety;
  • document executed, registered, entered in the Unified Register shall be issued to the applicant;
  • after the certificate is issued at least once a year, the control of production and manufacturing – the body that issued the certificate, certified, so that the fire safety requirements continue to be met.

Testing products

products testing to confirm its fire safety – it is the most time-consuming step of certification.

  Detailed description of the tests contained in the normative document according to which production is organized – to visit or technical regulations.

  When testing the products identified and classified by testing it in many ways, including in such:

  • combustibility;
  • linear rate of spread;
  • degree of flammability;
  • levels of toxic substances during combustion;
  • oxygen consumption per unit weight of the test products on burning.


Once the application is approved manufacturer / supplier to submit the documents. The full list is contained in certain guests or technical regulations, and can be updated after a meeting with experts of the Certification Center. But there is a standard list. Documents, without which the certification is not possible:

  • copies of the first 3 and last pages of the Charter;
  • copies of registration documents confirming the registration of the company, its registration with the tax office. Other than that supplied a copy of the certificate from the body of statistics, which are codes of activities assigned to the company in accordance with National Classification;
  • copies of the documents on the premises, which according to the registration documents is production. This may be a contract of purchase, gift or lease;
  • product specification – are served, if for no declared production of GOST or TP;
  • documentation of a technical nature, which is a description of the claimed products. You can provide data sheets and descriptions, designs, models, drawings, etc.

Fire safety certificate is issued on the letterhead of the state sample. If the certification was carried out a single product or a party, the validity of the document is not specified – means that after the implementation of the product, its intended use, or after the end of their useful life, the certificate becomes null and void.

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