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/ How do I know what kind of certificates are needed

How do I know what kind of certificates are needed for the different products exported to Russia?

In Russian Federation according to the law “About consumers rights protection” mandatory certification of quality, safety and ecological compatibility was introduced not only for national but also for imported goods. Importing to Russia goods subject to mandatory certification may be made only providing the fact, that they correspond the requirements of obligatory certification. Foreign certificates have no validity in Russia, but can serve as an indicator to verify compliance with the Russian GOST Certificate.

The Russian Federation government made a unique lists of products which you will need a mandatory certificate or compliance with GOST R, or a Declaration of Conformity.

December 1, 2009 № 982 “On approval of a common list of products subject to mandatory certification, and a unique list of products, statement of compliance which is in the form of issuing a declaration of conformity”


Among the products, which require a Certificate of Conformity GOST R (certificate Rostest) can distinguish by the following groups:

– industrial machinery and equipment;
– equipment for chemical and oil-refining industry;
– domestic and electric appliances;
– production of automobile industry;
– goods for children;
– toys;
– petroleum derivatives and engine oils;
– lighting/illuminating engineering;
– stop valve;
– medical devices and supplies;
– protective shoes and clothing;
– etc.

Products that require approval by GOST R Conformity Declaration can be:

– tableware, dishes, cover;
– hardware;
– household chemicals;
– paint-and-lacquer materials;
– electric motor;
– electric instrument;
– measurement instrumentation;
– watches;
– pulp-and-paper industry goods;
– furniture;
– tissues;
– clothing and footwear;
– alimentary product;
– cosmetics;
– etc.

Groups of goods, which are necessary sanitary-hygienic certificates (in the form of an expert report or Certificate of State Registration):

– goods for children;
– equipments and materials for preparing and cleaning water;
– cosmetics;
– chemical production;
– clothes, shoes, textile;
– household and domestic devices;
– medical production and equipment;
– construction materials;
– furniture;
– etc.

To ascertain the necessity of receipt of any certificate, send a description of your products and our experts will answer you what certificates are needed for the importation, sale and legalization of your goods in Russia. In addition to the description, it is necessary to know the customs code for products (HS code).

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