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Management system certification

Quality management system or QMS is a system of company management targeted at production of top quality goods.  The main QMS standards are combined in the ISO 9000 series.  They are constantly revised and modernized following the evolution of technologies.

Management system certification allows to see, whether the QMS of the company complies with the ISO standards.  Most frequently the ISO 9001 standard is taken as a basis, which determines ideology, principles and methods of quality management.

If the target of the company is to prove that its production runs with effective ecomanagement system, control procedures are organized on the basis of the ISO 14001 standards.

Management certification can be both voluntary and compulsory, mostly as far as environmental certification is concerned.  Controlling authorities of the Customs Union or European Union cannot demand to provide the ISO 9001 certificate, however potential partners, major buyers and investors can set such requirements.  Successful ISO certification serves a proof of transparent business, competent management, interest of top management in high quality of the end product.

How to certify the quality management system?

To start with you should send your application to our certification center.  “Rostest” is accredited in the field of worldwide approved certification, therefore our experts have the right to issue the ISO certificates of compliance.

When the application is processed:

  • a list of documents to prove compliance of the QMS with the standards is drawn;
  • the QMS is controlled on the premises of the enterprise.

To allow the experts to control the state of the QMS the following documents should be provided:

  • quality control manual;
  • detailed description of the structure of the company, including the structure of the department that ensures quality control in the company;
  • QMS documents;
  • description of the sequence of procedures stipulated by the ISO: document and record control, defected goods management, audit, prevention and correction methods;
  • documents that allow to effectively plan and manage various processes in the company.

To receive the ISO 14001 certificate one should provide the following documents:

  •  detailed description of environmental policy;
  • description of the elements of the system ensuring environmental safety of the company;
  • in-house documents that regulate processes forming a part of the ecomanagement system.

Certification of QMS and ecomanagement does not allow to evaluate quality of the goods or services offered by the company, but proves that the company is ready to offer its customers absolutely safe products of high quality.

Validity of the 9001 and 14001 compliance certificates does not exceed five years.  Within this period of time the QMS or the ecomanagement system of the company is controlled on a regular basis, at least once a year.

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