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/ mandatory and voluntary certification

mandatory and voluntary certification
Certification is called conformity assessment of products, services, personnel management systems, national and international regulations.

Certification in charge of the Federal Service of the Russian Federation Rosstandart.

Certification is carried out on a mandatory or voluntary basis.

Compulsory Certification
It is mandatory that the certification of products, services, etc., which the manufacturer or supplier is planning to sell, provide, implement in Russia. This position is regulated by the Federal Law “On Technical Regulation» № 184, was adopted 27.12.02

List of products and services subject to mandatory certification is contained in a government decree number 982, adopted on 01.12.09, the

Conduct mandatory certification certification bodies that are accredited in accordance with the government decree number 602 of 19.06.12 was this piece of legislation approved rules for accreditation of certification bodies and laboratories that conduct the tests.

Accreditation of certification bodies conducting Federal Rosakkreditatsiya. The work of specialists certification bodies governed by Federal Law number 184.

Voluntary certification
The objects of voluntary certification also serve products, services, control systems, but those types, which are not listed governmental decree number 982.

The procedure for voluntary certification is different from the one that was approved for certification mandatory. Initiates check the manufacturer or supplier of products, or the company that provides services, implementing a management system.

certification of products, services, management systems
Product certification mandatory and voluntary conduct to the requirements of state standards, interstate and international standards in force in the Russian Federation, construction, sanitary rules and regulations, safety regulations and other documents that establish requirements for the product.

Legal document that sets the rules for certification of products – the ruling State Standard (later – Rosstandart) № 15 dated 21.09.94, the

Certification of services is carried out to verify compliance with the Federal Law “On Protection of Consumers’ Rights. As the basis for verification of conformity are the regulations adopted at the legislative level, approved by the Russian Government regulations provide certain services and work performance, health and building standards, state standards.

Legal document that sets the rules for the certification of services and works – Standard Resolution number 17 on 05.08.97, the

Management certification is carried out in such systems standards:

  • Environmental Management Systems – ISO 14001;
  • Management of Information Security – ISO 27001-2006;
  • quality management – ISO 9001;
  • management of occupational safety and health – GOST R 12.0.230-2007;
  • security management products that are used for food purposes – GOST R ISO 22000-2007.

    How is certification?
    Certification, regardless of whether it is mandatory or voluntary, conducted in several stages:

    • submitted request and the necessary statutory, technical and regulatory documents;
    • shall product samples for testing. At voluntary certification are allowed to submit their own proof of conformity. In this case, the products were tested in the laboratory selected by the applicant. For examination in the applicant certification body provides ready-made test reports;
    • of review filed documents;
    • an analysis of the company – if it is envisaged certification scheme;
    • being tested management system for the enterprise – for mandatory and voluntary certification of quality management, environmental management, etc.
    • commission certification body shall decide on the issuance of the certificate, or to refuse registration of the document;
    • after the issuance of the certificate of conformity inspection is conducted annually trusted the company and its products, services, systems management standards.

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