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/ Phytosanitary certificate

Phytosanitary certificate

Document confirming that the products with the requirements of plant quarantine – it’s a phytosanitary certificate.

Draw up a certificate exporters whose products are on the list in the Letter of the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation, issued in April 1997. The certificate is included in the package accompanying consignment documentation accompanying the exported products.

Previously, such a document is issued, and for products that are imported into the Russian Federation, but with 1.8.11, the issuing of import quarantine permits in accordance with the Decision of the CCC number 83 of 19/05/11, was canceled.

Phytosanitary certificate issued after examination by the experts quarantine inspection of plant products, declared for export.

According to the Federal Law “On Plant Quarantine” from 15.07.00, the phytosanitary inspection shall be subject to the soil, organisms, materials, substances, packaging, plants that can serve as carriers of disease-causing organisms. Checked, for example, wood, timber, vegetables, fruits, seeds, tubers, bulbs, nuts, etc.

Do not pass phytosanitary pickles, canned vegetable, fruit and fresh-frozen berries, vegetable oil.

Procedure for issuing a phytosanitary certificate

To obtain the authorization document to the exporter must apply to the territorial body of the Federal, carrying out veterinary and phytosanitary supervision (Rosselkhoznadzor) not later than 15 days prior to shipment of the product. When you contact the Federal Service is sought, which shall include:

  • name, quantity of products;
  • name of the host country of consignment;
  • name of the enterprise, the consignee;
  • date of shipment of products;
  • route for cargo – lists all the border crossing points.

To inspect and issue a certificate of the certification authority can be accredited Rosselkhoznadzor.

Feature of the registration of the certificate is that it is given separately for each unit of transport, which will be transported products: railway wagon, car, boat.

A phytosanitary certificate is valid for 14 days, unless checked products intended for export to the European Union and 15 days if the product is imported into other countries.

The customs authority may allow the products subject to phytosanitary control, to export in the presence of fitosertifikata, shipping documents, certified by the stamp of the organization that conducted the phytosanitary inspection.

Phytosanitary certificate issued by the territorial body Rosselkhoznadzor must be registered in the central organ of the Federal Service.

As practice shows, the certificate shall be issued within three days, but the Federal Service has the right to engage in checking compliance with phytosanitary products within a month after application.

Documents required to obtain a phytosanitary certificate

Exporter to the territorial office of Rosselkhoznadzor submit:

    • copies of key registration documents showing for listing companies in the Unified Register of legal entities or individual entrepreneurs, about his registration with the tax office;
    • copy of the applicant’s passport;
    • excerpt from the supply of products, which are specified in the host’s claim to the phytosanitary status of products;
    • copy or the original of the document confirming that regulated products decontaminated – if the holding of such a procedure was necessary.


Important for the registration of the certificate is the conclusion of the phytosanitary condition of the territory on which the production of goods.

What if the phytosanitary certificate has expired?

Given the fact that a phytosanitary certificate is valid for only two weeks, it often happens that the products for various reasons, delay, and take her to the expiration of the document did not have time.

In this case, the exporter is required to submit to the Department of Rosselkhoznadzor or accredited certification body an application for re-registration and the necessary documents.

All quarantine regulations for repeated passage of phytosanitary inspection followed, after its successful passage of the re-export phytosanitary certificate is issued.

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