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/ What is the technical regulations?

What is the technical regulations?

As the state standard (GOST), technical regulations – is normative document that establishes requirements for the composition, appearance products, security products, services, processes, construction and other objects of technical regulation.

Accepted technical regulations at the state level, so their requirements are mandatory for manufacturers and companies that provide services involved in construction, design, installation and other works.

Accept, approve technical regulations in the Russian federal laws and international treaties of the Russian Federation, intergovernmental agreements, decrees of the President of the Russian Federation government regulations.

main purpose of technical regulations

As already mentioned, a TR contains requirements for products, services and processes – to their various parameters. Thus, by means of technical regulations state fulfills its responsibilities to the citizens of the Russian Federation: ensures the safety of their health, life and safety of the environment, plants, animals and property of citizens and legal entities of the Russian Federation, municipal property.

Another important application of technical regulations – is prevention activities aimed at misleading consumers.

Not allowed the adoption of technical regulations for the sake of the other goals.

Classification of technical regulations

There are two classification of technical regulations. Documents shared by the Distribution and the method of establishing requirements.

Technical regulations on the method of establishing the requirements may be fundamental and prescriptive.

The most efficient form of production management and other activities across the country, as international practice shows, are the fundamental technical regulations. They contain general requirements for products, services, manufacturing and other processes, their qualitative characteristics. More specific details can be found in the form of references to other standards and codes of practice.

Mandatory technical regulations – regulations is where product requirements are outlined in more detail, but they are considered to be less flexible than the underlying regulations.

According to the dissemination may be general, special and technical regulations makrootraslevye.

For large groups of goods and services received general regulations. Examples include documents establishing the requirements of nuclear, environmental, biological, radiation, fire safety, electromagnetic compatibility.

Technical regulations for special purposes are developed for specific types of products that pose a particular risk to the health and life of citizens of the Russian Federation beyond the level of risk, provided the general technical regulations.

Makrootraslevye regulations are combined general and special regulations.

Composition of technical regulations

Model Rules contain sections that are displayed:

  1. Description of items of technical regulation, the application of the rules.
  2. basic terms.
  3. basic requirements for products.
  4. Terms standards.
  5. evidence procedure.
  6. procedure of state supervision.
  7. Applications that are the exact parameters for a particular product.

The main section of technical regulations – one that reflects the requirements for products, packaging, labeling, etc. This section is designed with the utmost care, as the requirements that are not found in the document, shall not be considered binding.

It is important for manufacturers and other business entities can be called a section that describes the rules of government oversight. Technical regulations provides methods of control, the measures taken to bring the product to compliance, the types of sanctions that apply to companies whose products / services, manufacturing and other processes do not comply with technical regulations. This section also identifies which authorities may carry out state supervision.

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