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/ What you need to rejection letter?

What you need to rejection letter?

As we know, not all of the products manufactured in the Russian Federation are subject to mandatory certification / declaration of conformity.

In some cases, the passage of customs inspection, when communicating with potential customers a simple knowledge of the existing legislation in the field of certification is not enough – need official confirmation of the certification body that a particular product is not subject to conformity assessment in due course.

Distinguish denial letters MOE, denial letters for trade and customs, denial letters Epidemiology.

Refusal letters MOE

A document confirming that the product is not subject to fire certification / declaration may be required for customs clearance of products, if there was disagreement in the identification and classification of products according to the codes and TFC Commodity Code, or successful products.

Make out the letter of refusal MOE for goods that are not included in the lists of the governmental decree number 241, adopted March 17, 2009 by accredited certification bodies in the Emergency Department or supervisory activities MOE.

To obtain exemption letter the company needs to file a request, a description of products and fields of application, a letter indicating their basic details, codes and GST HS (you may need a copy of the certificate from the body of statistics).

Exemption Letter for trading

Purpose exemption letter for trade is the same as that of the letter MES – confirm a requirement of certification of compliance for certain products.

Issued a letter often at the request of consumers, potential buyers. Issue a document entitled any certification authority and VNIIS – All-Russian Research Institute of Certification.

The documents that must be submitted for writing: basic details of the company, technical details of products, a copy of certificate from the body of statistics, in which he gives a list of HS codes and OKP assigned products.

Validity of letters in most cases is 1 year.

Refusal letter for customs

For custom letter serves in cases where products are subject to customs inspection. Most often, the customs authority asks for an exemption letter, if assigned by HS code products subject to control, but its characteristics do not need certification.

Rejection letter is issued on the products, which was not included in the list of products subject to mandatory certification, approved by Government Resolution № 982 of 01.12.09, the

Grant an exemption letter for customs can only VNIIS. Draw up the document most often on the year.

Approved form for the exemption letter does not exist, it issued on the letterhead of Research, will address the head of the customs authority, the seal of the Institute.

In order to get the customs exemption letter when applying to VNIIS must submit the following documents:

  • newsletter with details of the enterprise;
  • copy of the certificate of authority of statistics, which shows the HS codes, the PVC products;
  • technical description of the product;
  • copy of the contract and invoice. Replace the contract if it had not been concluded, may TTN. If the invoice is not described in detail, as packaged products, the packing list;
  • proof of the possibility of product testing – the document is served in the event that it is the main purpose of products passing customs control;
  • document confirming the fact of registration of products in the Health Ministry – in the event that the border crossing diagnostic tools, test systems, immunobiological products;
  • expert opinion, certificate of state registration – if the import / export of dietary supplements.

The above list of documents, depending on the type of product, can be specified.

Exemption Letter Epidemiology

The document has been extended after take effect the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

The main purpose of this exemption letter – confirmation that the product is not subject to technical regulations shall not be subject to sanitary inspections.

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