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MARIBEL LARRABURE (Lima, 4 ноября 2014)

Dear Sir/Madam:
We are a Peruvian company which is called “kusi healthy food”. We want to export goods such as yellow potato, sweet potato, Peruvian yellow chilly, rocoto chilli, white corn cob, Lima chilli, huayro potato, purple potato, pumpkin, kiuri, purple corn cob, cancha corn, pancha chilli, lima beans, and smoked chili pepper.
These products are fresh products.
We know that we require a phytosanitary certificate issue by the food administration of Peru. We got in contact with the food administration of Peru (SENASA) and they told us that they don’t have a procedure to issue a phytosanitary certificate to export to Russia for these products. Which requirements does this phytosanitary certificate need for these products? Can I export all of these products to Russia? Is there a list of prohibited products to import?
Moreover, this will be my first exportation to Russia, so, I’m going to send samples. Is there a regulation of labeling for the samples? Is there a weight or money limit to export them? And when I will do a regular exportation, how it will be?
Also, we want to export sacha inchi toasted grain and banana fried chips. These products are manufactured. We got the same questions with these products and if there is a special treatment for them. Do they need an extra certification?
PD: All of these products are going to be used in restaurants as ingredients.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards

Julia, +7 (812) 507-63-16,

Dear Maribel,

We need HS codes (customs codes) for each product. Do you have some specifications, brochures?

These products are objects of obligatory declaring according Technical regulations of Customs union for food products (TR CU 021/2011, 022/2011). So for import such goods in countries of Customs Union (Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan) you should get obligatory declaration according these Technical regulations. Also you should have phytosanitary certificates for such products.

If you want to send samples to some legal entity anyway you should get declaration TR CU also. The main document for labeling food products – Technical regulations of Customs union 022/2011 «Food production in parts of its marking».

For sacha inchi toasted grain and banana fried chips you need to get separate declaration TR CU too, it’s the same procedure.

More detailed information was sent to your e-mail.


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