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Lone Nielsen (Sonderjylland, 14 марта 2016)

Normal causal shoes (not protective footwear) for adults and children what certificates are necessary for import to Russia? And what is the requirements the shoes have to fulfill in order to achieve the certificates?

Julia, +7 (812) 507-63-16,

Dear Lone,

For import footwear for adults you should obtain declaration of conformity TR CU (EAC) according to Technical regulations of Customs Union TR CU 017/2011 “For safety on light industry products”.

For footwear for children you should get obligatory certificate TR CU (EAC) according to Technical regulations of Customs Union TR CU 007/2011 “For safety on products for children and teenagers”.

All requirements for appropriate footwear described in TR CU 017/2011 and TR CU 007/2011.

Applicant in declaration / certificate EAC should be russian (or belorussian/kazakh) company (importer)!

Please send us preliminary list of footwear with HS (customs) codes (for footwear for children we also need list of materials being used), we’ll calculate the quantity of necessary declarations and certificates EAC and all terms and costs! We’ll be glad to assist!


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