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Welcome to the website of the Goods and Services Certification Center “Rostest”!

This project was developed by the Russian experts in the field of certification complying with the Russian National Standard, Technical Regulations, Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Health Control Service, Ministry for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Response, Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision, etc.

Our mission is to:

– provide a brief and comprehensive information about the basic certificates that are necessary for the goods imported to the Russian market;

– allow the foreign producers to obtain the Rostest certificates without visiting Russia.

Recognizing the problem of language barriers, we offer you a team of advisers, who speak English, Italian, Swedish, German and Russian.

The content of the website was created by the Russian experts, so a native speaker might find some minor deviations in language and grammar.  It is necessary to certify imported goods for the purposes of customs clearance and further sales on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union.  And to make sure that your goods cross the border without any delay, it is important to obtain in advance all the necessary certificates for the goods as well as any other documents that the State Regulation Authorities require for the imported goods.

The most frequently required permits are: 

– certificates and declarations of conformity to the Russian National Standards,

– certificates and declarations of Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation (issued according to the standards of the technical regulations of the Russian Federation),

– certificates and declarations to Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (issued according to the standards of the technical regulations of the Customs Union),

–  state registration certificates for the goods,

– expertise by the Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Health Control Service (sanitary expertise),

– “fire-safety”  certificates and declarations,

– exemption letters.

“Rostest” is an accredited authority with vast experience in the field of certification of goods

Choosing a company to help you to certify the goods, you should first and foremost consider, whether the company is accredited, i.e. whether it has a license.  Below you will find a scanned copy of the accreditation certificate, which proves that our experts successfully passed their professional integrity tests.

The employees of “Rostest” advise, process and register various documents of conformity and ensure that our certification authority successfully works with the best testing laboratories.  Whenever you decide to contact us, within 24 hours after receipt of your enquiry we will send you extensive replies to the questions that interest you:

– what documents you will need to trade or provide services in the Customs Union, European Union or any other country;

– how long it will take you to receive these documents;

– what you will need for this;

– how much it will cost.

You can consult “Rostest” by arranging a meeting with the experts, making a phone call or using Skype.  We would like you to pay special attention to the fact that our center offers advisory services free of charge.

“Rostest” is a Customs Union Certification Authority with international recognition.  Our services will allow you to obtain not only the most frequently required permits, but also EURO, CE, ISO and many other certificates that will help your company to enter the international market.

“Rostest” means time tested quality of services, expertise and competence.

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